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Maxinutrition Knockout

Violetta – The Scoop Series 2

This week we’re starting the edit and sound post for series 2 of Violetta – The Scoop. To support the popular show Violetta,...

IDX – New channel from Discovery Networks

Bop-It XT Champion

With the end of the year comes the announcement of the champion of our (Un)Official Bop-It XT League; After a closely fought duel...

O Arise All Ye Sons Premiere

The seventh documentary in a series of BT Sport films is a fascinating look at how Cricket has lifted a beleaguered nation, and...

David Warner – Voice of the Week

Today, renowned actor David Warner, star of Star Trek V & VI amongst a plethora of other films and TV Dramas, graced the...

Cornered Premiere in Leicester Square

Tonight we’re off to the premiere of the sixth film in the series of BT Sport films; ‘Cornered’ tells the unsung story of...

Keeping Up with the Brownlees Premiere

Last night saw the premiere of the 5th film in a series of 7 by BT Sport; ‘Keeping Up with the Brownlees’ tells...

Winning Ugly Premiere

Cast your minds back to July 31st, and you’ll remember us mentioning English Rugby legend Brian Moore visiting Twoears for a Voice Over...

BT Sport – Latest

With the recent launch of BT Sport,┬ásome of our work on their documentaries is finally seeing the light of day. We’ve already had...


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